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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dub C DJs carry liability insurance?


Yes. Dub C DJs maintains a comprehensive insurance policy that is underwritten by Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, one of the most respected providers in the industry whose origins date back to 1863. Upon request Dub C DJs can provide a certificate of liability insurance and designate "additional insureds" to the coverage as necessary. Many venues require that DJs produce such certificates in advance of the event and request that the venue be listed as an "additional insured" that is covered by the policy.

Does Dub C DJs use written contracts?


Yes. To confirm your event, both the client and Dub C DJs' authorized representative will sign a written contract that details the terms of the agreement.

What is your payment policy?


No deposit is required to book and confirm your event. Full payment is due two weeks before the event.  The standard payment method is by check made payable to Dub C DJs.  Alternatively, the client may request to pay by credit card and a digital invoice will be sent by email.  However, clients using this payment option will incur the 3% credit card processing fee.

How much will it cost to book Dub C DJs for my event?


Dub C DJs has two primary service categories for pricing purposes: 1) weddings and 2) parties/events. 

Our Wedding Reception Package is $1,175. This package covers the dinner and dancing portion of the reception.  For clients that additionally need service during the ceremony, specifically, ceremony music and officiant amplification, that service is $300.  For clients that additionally need service during the cocktail hour, that service is $300. Based on these rates and depending on your needs, your total price will range in between $1,175 and $1,775. There are no time limits on these listed prices, as Dub C DJs just charges based on what portions of the event we cover, not by the hour.  Service outside of Washington, D.C., is subject to a $150 fee, and service outside of more than 60 miles from Washington, D.C., is subject to an additional fee.

Our Party Package is $900 and covers a variety of events including high school reunions, corporate events, proms/school dances, bar/bat mitzvahs, kid parties, and birthday parties. 

Clients also have the option to book The DJ PA System Equipment Rental Package ($300) for any event for which they have a friend or family member who is capable of playing music and serving as a DJ, but lacks the necessary equipment.

Dub C DJs is one of the few DJs in the D.C. area that transparently lists all of its prices online without requiring clients to submit information in advance before receiving a price quote. Consistent with our emphasis on simplifying the customer experience, we publicly post our prices so that all potential clients can quickly identify whether or not we are in their price range.

Dub C DJs encourages all prospective clients to compare our rates and service offerings to those offered by our competitors. We recommend that you obtain price quotes from at least three different companies to ensure that you are able to find the best price and fit for your wedding or other event. To provide some context for the wedding market, according to industry research the price range for an experienced, professional wedding DJ in the greater Washington, D.C. area is around $1,332 - $1,776.*

*See The respective price ranges for different jurisdictions in the greater Washington, D.C. area may be searched by zip code.

How much input do clients typically provide the DJ about what music to play?


Clients vary significantly in this respect. Some provide no guidance at all while others provide detailed musical directions. Ultimately it is up to the client about how hands-on or hands-off they would like to be and Dub C DJs will proceed accordingly. However, our recommended approach and the one most frequently adopted by our clients is to split the difference, whereby the client provides some general guidance, but also grants the DJ the authority to exercise his or her professional judgment in making decisions. Ideally the client will 1) inform the DJ regarding which music genres they anticipate will be popular among their guests, 2) provide a short "must-play" list of songs, 3) provide a short "do not play" list of songs, and 4) assign the DJ the authority to adapt his or her music selections in real time based on the response of the audience.

What needs to be provided to the DJ at the venue location?


The DJ requires a minimum 4-foot long table (with linens), within 25 feet of a grounded three-prong electrical outlet (120-volt, 15-amp circuit, i.e., the standard specs for electrical wiring).  All necessary tables shall be made available to the DJ for set-up at least two hours before the time at which service is scheduled to start.  For events that are held outdoors, the DJ's equipment must be provided with a tent or a set-up location that is under cover.

Do you take requests from the crowd while DJing?


Yes, but with a significant caveat. One of the most common pitfalls that cause DJs to underperform is by honoring too many requests from the crowd. While playing a certain degree of requests is appropriate, it is essential that the DJ serve as a gatekeeper and screen out those songs that are not genre-appropriate for the occasion or would cause mass departures from the dance floor.

Does Dub C DJs use wireless microphones?


Yes.  Dub C DJs exclusively uses wireless microphone systems from the brand Shure, the industry leader in microphones.

Describe your DJ style?


Our DJ style is to let the music drive the party. While our DJs do serve as emcees for the events at which they perform, our philosophy is for them to only make those announcements that are necessary to guide an event through its various stages. From our business experiences, the vast majority of our clients and audiences do not prefer a DJ that is overzealous on the microphone, but rather prefer a DJ style premised on playing targeted and effective music that initiates dancing on its own accord.

Can you provide ceremony music and wireless microphones for use during the wedding ceremony?


Yes. For many of our clients we provide music during the wedding ceremony portion of the event, in addition to the reception. We also can provide amplification and wireless microphones for the officiant who is presiding over the ceremony. Clients regularly request our guidance on what processional and recessional song selections to use for the ceremony. Service for the ceremony portion of an event costs an additional $300.

How does the DJ PA System Equipment Rental Package work?


This package is designed for those clients that want to cut costs by having a friend or family member compile music and serve as the DJ for the event. Dub C DJs has assembled a user-friendly DJ PA system that anyone can be trained to use in less than 15 minutes. This rental package costs $300 and includes the following: 
  • 2 speakers with onboard mixing console (QSC K12s - specs)
  • Microphone
  • Cables
  • Speaker stands
  • DJ lights (Chauvet Intimidator Spot Duo - specs)
  • In-person instructional session and printed directions on how to operate the DJ PA system
  • Client responsible for pick-up and return of DJ PA system
  • Client required to post security deposit
  • Not Included—Music source (laptop, iPod, or turntables) 

Can your DJs lead party games?


Yes. Our DJs are experienced in leading party games. However, for certain event types, games should be used sparingly, if at all, because they may serve to disrupt the dancing and energy of an event.

Games are particularly effective for kid parties. Dub C DJs has also led a variety of "newlyweds trivia games" during which the bride and groom compete against each other by answering personalized questions. These games have proven to be very entertaining for the guests and can serve as an effective complement to wedding receptions, but should be played during the cocktail hour, the end of dinner, or directly after dinner to avoid compromising the flow of the dancing.

What kind of sound system do you use?


The DJ industry is a technology driven business for which equipment reliability and superior sound quality are essential.  Given this fact, Dub C DJs maintains a diverse equipment arsenal to draw from in assembling the best sound system for your event.  All of our gear is acquired from the industry leaders in their respective product categories.  We exclusively use QSC speakers, Shure wireless microphone systems, Apple laptops, and Mackie mixers. 

Sound systems can be positioned to provide music in different rooms and locations throughout your event venue, such as accommodating both an outdoor patio and the main dance floor.

Can you provide lighting for my event?


Clients may opt to have their event complemented by dance floor lighting that is synchronized to the beat of the music.  The price for this service is $200. All of our lighting systems are comprised of Chauvet products, the global leader in DJ lighting.  While we do provide dance floor lighting, we do not provide uplighting services.

What areas do your service / how far do you travel?

Dub C DJs provides service in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and portions of Maryland (including Baltimore). Service outside of Washington, D.C., is subject to a $150 fee, and service outside of 60 miles from Washington, D.C., is subject to an additional fee.

What happens if the DJ experiences an equipment failure during the event?


All DJs travel to events with a back-up DJ system in the event any type of equipment failure is experienced. Over the course of nearly a decade in business, Dub C DJs has never experienced an equipment failure that prevented it from providing service.

What happens if I need to cancel my event?


Clients may cancel free of charge if notice is provided at least two weeks in advance of the event.

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  • Rachel DanIn the months leading up to our wedding my fiancé and I were jammed at work and just didn't have the time to think about music and all of the details that go into throwing a great wedding reception. Fortunately Dub C DJs had us covered. At our pre-event consultation our DJ efficiently elicited all of the information he needed from us, assembled a comprehensive event plan, and then executed it with flair at our reception.
    Rachel & Dan Ackmann, Wedding Clients
  • Nate MarybethIt is rare to find a DJ that is able to keep friends and family from three different generations moving on the dance floor. This company clearly has done its due diligence when it comes to music and knows how to ramp it up and keep people dancing with a provocative blend of musical genres.

    Nate & Marybeth MacCosbe, Wedding Clients
  • Jason AnchalThroughout our event it was readily apparent that our DJ was having a great time at the party himself, while at the same time demonstrating that he was incredibly good at what he was hired to do.

    Jason & Anchal Hirama, Wedding Clients