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Meet the Dub C DJs Team

SattenHeadshotWebAndrew Satten - President & Co-Founder

As President of Dub C DJs, Satten manages the company's operations and maintains a resolute commitment to the best part of the job: performing the craft of DJing. In designing the company's service offerings and maintaining the independent contractor relationship with its DJs, Satten has leveraged his unique blend of experiences in the arts, business, and the law.

Satten is a performing musician and plays keyboard for The Riverbreaks, a Washington, DC rock band that has toured nationally, released two critically acclaimed full length albums, and been featured at the Kennedy Center. From refining piano and organ instrumentals in the recording studio to playing live at clubs, this firsthand experience in music production and performance serves as a unique asset for working in the DJ business. Through his affiliation with the American Disc Jockey Association, Satten monitors the latest developments in the DJ field.

These music-focused skills are also complemented by the time Satten spent with Washington's WTOP News Radio, a position that required the on-air delivery of news, and provided a foundation for emceeing and delivering information to audiences over the microphone. 

Having studied law at The George Washington University Law School and business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, these disciplines have contributed to Satten's management of and vision for Dub C DJs.

Ball150x150web1Drew Ball - DJ

A veritable southerner who brings a unique blend of country charm and urban vibrancy to his DJ performances, Ball initially began developing his DJ skills during his early teens and most recently studied the art through an intensive training with acclaimed hip-hop artist and DJ Biz Markie. Ball formerly served as a DJ and on-air personality for the Raleigh radio station 88.1 WKNC, spinning indie and alternative rock, and currently is the bass player for the local Americana rock band The Riverbreaks.

FowlerWeb150x150Tony Fowler - DJ

A staple of the DC music scene, Fowler's diverse credentials include managing a local recording studio and working as a sound engineer/DJ at popular music venues around the area. He has served as the lyricist for a number of bands of the hip-hop variety, experiences that have contributed to his fluid delivery on the microphone. His Peruvian roots and fluency in Spanish also uniquely position him to DJ Hispanic weddings and celebrations.

WilkinsWeb150x150Alex Wilkins - DJ

The quintessential front man, Wilkins is the songwriter and lead vocalist for the rock band Tripp. His depth of knowledge of songs and recording artists is unrivaled and is effectively paired with the technical expertise he possesses with respect to sound gear.

PotokWeb150x150Ben Potok - DJ

Potok is the master of anything and everything percussion, a skill set that distinctively serves him as a DJ given the focal nature of beats and rhythm to dance music. An esteemed drum instructor and certified music teacher, Potok also is the author of "A Coordinated Approach to the Drum Set." He received a BA in music from University of Maryland Baltimore County and his band South Rail is a local favorite among folk rock fans.

DonaldsonWeb150x150Seth Donaldson - DJ

One of the most sought after sound engineers and producers in the DC area, Donaldson received a BFA in Recording Arts from the International Academy of Design & Technology. Donaldson also is a multi-instrumentalist and his ear for producing instrumental arrangements allows him to adeptly match music to the audiences he presides over as DJ.

PollardWeb150x150Trey Pollard - DJ

Pollard is a veteran of the radio industry and during his tenure at Athens, Georgia's WUOG 90.5 FM he served as a show producer and host DJ specializing in the genres of funk, soul, and hip-hop. He also has extensive event management capabilities derived from his experiences organizing live shows and concerts. Pollard is a performing musician himself on both the guitar and banjo and is a resident DJ for the District's popular "Outlaws" country western dance party series.

Crawford150x150Danny Crawford - DJ

After having studied Music Production and Recording Technologies at the esteemed Shenandoah Conservatory, Crawford possesses a unique technical understanding of music creation and audio equipment that is rivaled by few DJs. He also serves as a manager and music instructor at a private teaching studio, experiences that reflect his lively disposition and ability to put clients at ease during the event planning process and entertain audiences during his live DJ sets. In addition to DJing, Crawford is a professional percussionist. He has toured nationally with his bands, served as a session drummer on a number of acclaimed recording projects, and also is a sought after producer and sound engineer for indie rock bands.

Tamara15x150WebTamara Evans - DJ

Evans is a versatile performer who maintains a well-rounded knowledge of musical genres that may be drawn on during her DJ sets. Her musical talents include classical piano, clarinet, guitar, and vocals. She currently is a member of the choir at All Souls Church Unitarian in Washington, DC. She also has dance performance experience, particularly in the swing dance genre, an added bonus to her DJ skill set. Evans maintains significant professional management experiences, formerly serving as the National Director of an environmental organization, an experience that uniquely equips her to work with clients in planning and executing weddings and corporate events.

What Our Clients Say

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What Our Clients Say...

  • Rachel DanIn the months leading up to our wedding my fianc√© and I were jammed at work and just didn't have the time to think about music and all of the details that go into throwing a great wedding reception. Fortunately Dub C DJs had us covered. At our pre-event consultation our DJ efficiently elicited all of the information he needed from us, assembled a comprehensive event plan, and then executed it with flair at our reception.
    Rachel & Dan Ackmann, Wedding Clients
  • Nate MarybethIt is rare to find a DJ that is able to keep friends and family from three different generations moving on the dance floor. This company clearly has done its due diligence when it comes to music and knows how to ramp it up and keep people dancing with a provocative blend of musical genres.

    Nate & Marybeth MacCosbe, Wedding Clients
  • Jason AnchalThroughout our event it was readily apparent that our DJ was having a great time at the party himself, while at the same time demonstrating that he was incredibly good at what he was hired to do.

    Jason & Anchal Hirama, Wedding Clients